Our team, highly qualified and carefully prepared by Cláudia Martins, follows the methodology of Commercial Representation in the Pharmacy channel, with total professionalism, responsibility, commitment and involvement in all the services provided. With a focus on a complete service and the search for the most appropriate marketing strategies to achieve the results expected by the clent, the entire team is constantly in the process of updating, always connected to everything that happens in the market and in the segment in which we operate, which has increasingly contributed to customer success.

An experienced and proactive team, which lives up to a solid and respected company such as CM IMPACTA, always ready to act in the front line, and due to its high level work has already gained trust and credibility of the Industry and Retail. For us, strengthening and maintaining a lasting relationship among all the players involved is indispensable because sales are based on this interaction. Our clients see the strategic differentials; our team sees the whole; and together we achieve the desired results.

The professional who heads CM Impacta

Claudia Martins


Acting for over 18 years in the domestic Pharmacy Channel, Cláudia Martins – graduated in Marketing and with intensive specialization in Retail Pharmacy Trade Marketing from ESPM – has acquired strategic vision for the expansion of brands in the retail market, with analysis of the actions of Trade Marketing for each PDV profile along with the Product Shopper, and has won important awards from contractors for growth and professional performance.

Her vast experience in negotiation and sales techniques is the result of her tireless search for innovation and complementary knowledge, absorbed during her active participation in the main fairs of the sector and in the international trips she takes twice a year, especially to keep up with the times with new POS concepts at a global level.

"Commercial Representation should not only be the point of contact between the contractor and the client, but its wingman. It is necessary to offer support, guidance, planning and, above all, innovative differentials that are 100% in line with the Pharmacy Channel’s guidelines. CM Impacta was born with the aim of representing in an unusual way, exploiting the potential of the brands and the opportunities of the market to the maximum. And that is how we have achieved the success of our projects."