Our Business

Business model

We develop the entire sales cycle of your product, from sell in to sell out, outlining dynamic and effective strategies so that we can achieve the desired results. In order to do this, we get involved in all the stages of the sales process, from product introduction, order invoicing, assistance for agility in deliveries up to the proper exhibition on the shelves, we promote actions to highlight the brand to the consumer, follow the product in the POS and explore the information of the sales analysis and product’s performance curve to the maximum, always providing the client represented with a macro view of the strategy and its real needs, as well as the most relevant information, both on management and on the sector in which we operate.

In order to achieve goals, maximize sales and strengthen relationships, we need to understand consumer and market behavior, and that is exactly what we do, with an innovative, efficient and well-structured business model in which every detail makes a difference:

Increasingly demanding consumers, increasingly fierce competition.

A new reality in which, in the blink of an eye, one product is compared to others. Given this scenario, CM IMPACTA has been acting on several business fronts simultaneously, a differential that has a direct impact on results.

This is the Universe of CM Impacta. Our day to day is to think strategically, always ‘going an extra mile’ in Commercial Representation.

Scheduling weekly visits to the main networks;

Expertise in category management strategies;

Broad knowledge of the internal processes, profile and characteristics of each client;

Commercial relationship with the main managers;

Comprehensive planning and analysis for projects that meet the interests of the network’s KM departments.