History, disruption
and achievements.

2023 is a year beyond special.
We appreciate the trust of our clients
who have come this far with us.

Search for opportunities.
Open paths.
Generate results.

Commercial Representation and
Business Consultancy between
industry and retail.

What motivates us

Transform the needs and expectations of the industry into efficient and personalized strategies for win-win intermediation with the major retail, distribution, and e-commerce networks in Brazil. Provide high-performance Commercial Representation, with a 360° vision and innovative differentials that are fully aligned with industry guidelines.

Surpass expectations and go beyond what the market currently offers by providing a fully formed business structure that works with the highest ethics, honesty, flexibility, and transparency.

That's our purpose, and that's what moves us. The desire to reach goals, add value to all the brands involved and maintain a clear vision of how best to serve the business as a whole by providing all stakeholders with our unique and increasingly necessary service. We are committed to leaving our mark wherever we go, developing solutions, deepening relationships, and creating true connections.

We are passionate about
what we do. And we want
to do more and more,
together with you.

What we do

We develop the entire sales cycle of your product,
from sell in to sell out, outlining dynamic and effective strategies
so that we can achieve the desired results.

Planning and expansion of the brand in the main customers (retail chains, online sales channels and distributors).

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Full support and assistance for the project development of private labels.

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After sales activity until the product is displayed at the POS, and
support for the contracting company’s promotion team by our promoters at CM IMPACTA.

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“Commercial Representation should not only be the point of contact between the contracting party and the client, but it should act as a strong right arm offering continual support, guidance, planning, and above all, innovative differentials that are 100% aligned with the guidelines of the Brazilian Pharma channel.

CM IMPACTA was created with the end goal of representing our clients in a “unique” way, by exploring the full potential of brands and market opportunities. And that is how we have achieved a very high success rate with our projects.”

Claudia Martins
Founder and Commercial Director

Our differences

This is the universe of CM IMPACTA.
Our day to day is thinking
strategically, adding a ''something more''
to the Commercial Representation.

Who trusts us?

We serve the main retail chains
and national distribution.

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